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I really like him!

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Happy birthday, my dear!

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SMAP... Hope it's not true.


And very beautiful covers for new KAT-TUN single + NEWS new tour!!!
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Новогодняя Ёлка

Моя ёлка
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I'm trying to choose MJ's pictures, but I can't. He's so perfect! How can I choose one photo if he is perfect on each photo?

Happy birthday, MJ!


Aug. 9th, 2015 01:52 pm
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It's here! My copy!

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I'm in love! Fan Bingbing are amazingly beautiful! Just followed her instagram. And dying-dying-dying because her beauty!
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Happy birthday, Kato-sensei!

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Starting to watch Clover with Tadaoyshi right now. I'm full of love. Great movie! Great Okura! Great Emi! Great! Great! Great! Love! Love! Love!

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Suddenly. My old friend from TVXQ's fandom give me that:

I'm happy!
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I adore the birthdays of Arashi. So many subs video! I really like this fandom! And Arashi! ^^
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My dear kitten Ninomi! Thanks for take me to Arashi's land! Always! ^______^

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Arashi is the most wonderful thing that happend to me. I'm happy. Absolutely. Thanks Arashi!
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"Intelligent Johnnys Combi". ^^ From there: http://koyashigedake.livejournal.com/276976.html
New show for KoyaShige. I'm happy! And I hope their education will help them attract more attention. They are deserved it! I think there are many intelligent people who are not a fans of johnnys yet. So it's a mission for KoyaShige! ^^ Just joke!
Take Sho-san with KoyaShige, please!
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NEWS new single.
Costumes designed by Massu.
He's amazing! I like Massu's style! Very impressive!

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I can die now. Both my ichibans are together... Sho are interviewing Shige. So much happy for me! ^^

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He's incomparable. And his sense of humor. I like it! ^^

“I’ve been calling the song "NAINAINAI” in my mind.“
—Sho in the making of Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari

LMAO. True enough, when you look at the lyrics…
Tobenai Todokanai Sora wa nai
Tsukamenai Mirenai Yume mo nai
Ansanburu wa MY LIFE Kakegaenai MY TIME
Tonari ni iyou Sotto Zutto
Kienai Iro no nai Niji wa nai
Iranai Hitsuyou no nai Hito wa inai
Mitsuketa hikari wo tadotte Kimi to, kimi to tsunagatte itainda

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Happy birthday, my lovely Okura-san!

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